Who Are We

    Mr. Paul Chou, one of the founders of JA Worldwide and the CEO and president of JA China, is the founder of Red Arc Education Group, which is committed to providing Chinese families with an education ecosystem free from anxiety.

   Red Arc has created a forward-looking 5E education concept, based on classical innovative education and cross-cultural education, featuring life planning, and partnering with world-class education brands to support Chinese students to become healthy and creative national citizens and international leaders.

Featured Projects

International Understanding Growth Plan

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Neil Bush

Chairperson of China-US Economic and Trade Foundation US Bush family member

Mike Levy

Principal of Presidio School in San Francisco Former Principal of Avenue School China

Zach First

Executive President of the Drucker Institute Doctor of Education, Harvard University

Isa Ying Luo

Director of EMBA Program, China Europe International Business School Director of JA China

Chintay Shih

Professor, National Tsinghua University, Taiwan Former CEO of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute

Global Advisory Committee
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